what I learned about bullying

I learned that bullying can happen anywhere and to anyone just because their different. I learned that bully’s get enjoyment out of bullying and they sometimes do it because they used to be bulled. I learned that friendship is important especially when someone is being bullied. for an example in the movie kelby’s friends helped her while she was being bullied and she said if she didn’t have her friends she probably wouldn’t be their right now. and when they talked about Ty they got his friend trey to talk about Ty and their friendship.

blogging challenge 2

blogging challenge 2

should kids 12 and under play violent video games

i think that kids 12 and under should not be allowed to play violent video games because most violent games have mature language and the kids could learn bad words from the game. some kids dont like the sight of blood and violent video games usually have lots of blood for exampal mortal kombat. most violent games either have the rating of m for mature or 17+.so kids shouldnt play games that are not ment for people thair age. sometimes kids will swear and yell into thair mics while playing theese games so older kids leave the games because of that. lots of people who are 12 are not allowed to play games like call of duty and battle field but the ones who do usually start saying bad words after they play the games. kids can mimic the people in the games and this can upset parents because the people in the games are sometimes very violent. ive heard kids who sound the age of 6 swearing at people on the other team and insulting them just because they are ” bad” at the game. Theese are some reasons why i think kids 12 and under should not play violent video games.

blog challenge #1

challenge 1

10. geroge washington how did it feel to be general of an army?
9. steve jobs how did you think the first iphone would turn out?
8. arnold schwarzenegger why did you become govener of california?

7. david copperfield how did you make the statue of liberty disapear

6. mozeart how old were you when you started music
7. ryan seacrest why did you try to high five a blind man

8. walter disney what made you want to be a cartoonest?

9. shigeru miyamoto what inspired you to be a video game designer

10. nolal bushnell why did you start atari